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An Advertisement for Long-Term Thinking on Consequences

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Coca-cola festively pours into a glass.  The soda fizzes above the rim and enticingly slides down the side, indicating a full cup to the viewer.  Fast-forward to 24 hours later, and you have a flat, stale syrup crawling with ants.

A celebutante smiles with artificially white teeth as she announces for the television camera that she loves her high-heeled shoes so much, she sometimes sleeps in them.  She also boasts, for the value of titillation, that wearing heels improves the strength of her pelvic floor muscle.  Fast-forward forty years, to a tired woman who hobbles from chronic feet and back problems.

Presidents, CEOs, and civic leaders – many of whom came riding on the surfboard of responsible change – pledge through the thick and the thin of evidence and event on climate change, biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, pollution of the ecosystem and maintenance of natural balance that “We will do what it takes to find a solution that will continue to allow [YOUR COUNTRY HERE!]‘s economy to grow and prosper.”

How is this for an advertisement: After every car commercial, let’s see the graphs of how many ppm of carbon has been forced into the atmosphere, and let’s see the smog of LA behind the company logo.  After every value meal menu commercial, let’s see the clearing of rain forests for grazing and farmland and the starving aid-recipients who continue to eat just enough to keep having more mouths to feed.

Would people still feel good about their Senator endorsing biofuels if they saw, side-by-side, the environmental destruction from using intensive food crops as fuel and the figures with all of the carbon input required for biofuel production and consumption in comparison with that of crude oil?

The unquestioned life is not worth living, Socrates tells us. To add value to our decisions, advertising agencies should treat their ads as a question to be answered, rather than an order to be followed.


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September 28th, 2009 at 1:53 am

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