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Broadcast Karaoke

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Do you sing in your car, in the shower, or at board meetings?  Maybe you don’t think the night is over until someone has belted out “Don’t Stop Believing” despite angry curses from other people in the movie theater.  You drive to work the next morning, sad that when you sing to the latest Top 40 hit, everyone else in the crawl of traffic rolls up their windows.

You exhibitionist, you casual diva!  What you seek is a way for everyone in the world to hear your sing-along stylings without getting fired from your job for slacking off during work hours, and for losing major accounts because clients find your rendition of “Hit ‘em Up” surprisingly offensive.  If only there was some way where anyone could hear your voice like a well-directed megaphone when you get the urge to accompany the radio.  What you need, and the world needs now, is broadcast karaoke.

The simple way to do this is to set up a streaming channel on the Web.  You attach a microphone in your car, in your shower, or you can even use your mobile phone.  Channel the microphone to the radio, your sound system or the karaoke machine you just bought for your basement.  Now you can karaoke live, and save all of your overdubs for podcasts later.  The proliferation of HD Radio means radio stations have a lot more programming time and no programming with which to fill it; perhaps they are willing to give you fifteen minutes of fame on their HD-3 channel to serenade those who get up at 4:00 AM to drive to work.

Social upload sites like YouTube and Vimeo have taught us that with the right amount of accident, brilliance and artful error anyone can be a celebrity to the Net set.  Broadcast karaoke would likely be the same.  Tay Zonday became famous for his idiosyncratic voice and song structure, and among those who sing karaoke at KTV establishments or bars, there are a few standouts for their American Idol-quality efforts both good and bad.  You could become famous for all the wrong reasons, or someone could discover you and sign you to a lucrative recording contract.

Most importantly, singing every day is good for your mood.  Boost your confidence as well with broadcast karaoke.


Written by Preston

August 10th, 2010 at 5:12 am

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