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Das Kinder

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The ascent of the e-reader is both predictible and inevitable. In the future, all media will be both consumed in digital and mobile platforms. Mobile digital music has of course already arrived. Video is readily accesible in this format as well. The book and magazine, once the pinnacle of the analog world, has been slower to adapt but it too is clearly trending towards the digital pocket of the 21st century consumer.
Devices like Amazon’s Kindle and Sony’s e-reader are blazing a trail that as of now is still trod by a select few pioneers. But as copy right law adapts and technology advances, prices will fall and usage will rise. Until now, the e-reader has been a concept designed for the adult reader. As the platform gains acceptance though, demand in new segments will grow. Enter the Kinder.
The Kinder is the e-reader for children ages 3-10. It not only combines, but realizes the potential of, two functionalities which are just beginning to merge: wireless e-reader devices and touch screen technology.
The Kinder will allow children to wireless search, browse and download interactive literature. Imagine the first handheld device that will allow children to download their first book, and allow them to touch the words they have not yet learned to have them spoken aloud for them understand.
But the Kinder is not just speak and spell 2.0. It comes standard with a syllus, allowing children to download writing programs and yes, even coloring books, selecting shades on the color wheel and drawing outside the lines to their hearts content.
The Kinder revolutionizes education. For the price of a whole semester’s worth of textbooks, a student can purchase a kinder and download all the textbooks they will need for the entirity of their educational careers – K through University. The Kinder is a win for the education and the environment, and heralds the next generation learning the world over.

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September 22nd, 2009 at 12:49 am

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