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I want a dirigible. If I could receive one gift and ask for no other for the rest of my life, I would plead for a dirigible. My dirigible, the AS BrainCanvas, is a large air yacht built to recall the old galleons of the golden age of the sail.  It boasts three decks with spacious windows and balconies and it can host a high-flying party of 30 for a month.  The open-air top deck is generally free of clutter and is meant to be occupied while sailing through the sky, looking out over the clouds or sea or landscape yet to be traversed.  It travels about as fast as its water-bound cousins, so an exhilarating breeze can be expected. The air envelope ties to the edge of the deck with minimal cable connection needed in the center of the top deck.  It floats five meters above the top deck so there is plenty of overhead room.  My favorite pastime while on deck is to slowly meander over a river at night with all the lights out and sleep under the stars.  The engines are quiet, and the ship can hover with minimal power output when I just want a place to hang out above the Earth. Below deck, the ship is a sizable air-mansion.  The quarters are spacious, and common areas invite the kind of lounging one would expect in a Victorian salon.  The kitchen is the envy of many, and the main dining hall can seat all guests – when we choose to dine below deck. I have made the BrainCanvas my home.  I maintain no permanent residence on land.  Whenever I fancy it, I can surround myself with the red glow of the desert below me, weave in and out of mountains and valleys, skim the waving surface of the sea, and dock at the top of the Empire State Building.  One wall below deck is dedicated to printouts of pictures and articles that have captured the BrainCanvas against famous and beautiful backdrops.  My favorite is one of my great airborne abode sailing between the twin red peaks of the Golden Gate Bridge. The AS BrainCanvas allows me to live the adventurous life of the old sea-farer, without the constraint of the sea and in style.

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January 5th, 2010 at 12:56 pm

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