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Let the UN Have the Bomb

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It’s no secret that U.S. President Barack Obama wants  a nuclear-free world.  Who doesn’t other than the military-industrial complex?

However, destroying the most powerful weapon in human history altogether may be too much.  There are plenty of legends and fantasy stories in which a great weapon thousands of years past has either been lost or destroyed and must be reforged or rediscovered in order to meet a threat the likes of which the world has never seen.

I believe very strongly that weapons generally exist to kill people, not to defend people.  But there are at least two global threats that would warrant an atomic sword like the one we wield now: killer asteroid and hostile extraterrestrial attack.

There are several ways to deflect an asteroid and using a nuclear weapon is not necessarily the most effective one, but it is a useful one.  And as I have mentioned before, I believe that it is more than likely that extraterrestrial life will come in peace, but if for some reason they do not or if they look upon our greedy ecophagic ways with scorn and fear, we may need to do an evil deed to keep ourselves some semblance of alive.

But the people of the world will not be able to live in mutually-agreed peace if one or a few sovereign countries hold their swords high above the heads of those who cannot have it.  Furthermore, those scenarios are ones which go far beyond the problem of national or regional stability – they threaten the existence of all things on Earth, including humans, all of which were around long before the State.  Albert Einstein provides a solution in his letter “Atomic War or Peace” that the wielders of the atomic bomb should give up their use to the United Nations.  In this way, the UN could act as a defender not on earth, but of earth.  The UN would not need to have the thousands of nuclear weapons that currently exist; rather after a satisfactory period of disarmament by the nuclear powers some 10% could be handed over to UN stewardship.

Let us hope though that upon completion of this great beating of swords into plowshares that the great and terrible power of nuclear weapons becomes a hallowed legend in the human chronicle and not a day-to-day living reality.  Otherwise we could inadvertently come to know what it is like to live as they do in the chilling 1984 BBC television play Threads.


Written by Preston

October 12th, 2009 at 9:26 am

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