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Let’s Bronze Plate the Future

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As we all know, the Statue of Liberty, seen here beneath the ice of Lake Mendota in my city of residence, was given by the French to United States as a gift commemorating its centennial in 1886. The colossal statue stands at 150 ft. and made of cooper plates attached to an inner frame.

In modern day imagery of course, Lady Liberty is depicted as having a dull-greenish hue, due to the copper’s oxidation. But when the statue was first built through about 20 after its erecting it was a copper color, grower duller and greener every year as a penny would decade after decade. Imagine the magnificent Statue of Liberty as seen from Battery Park with a soft coppery glow.

The 150th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty will be October 28th, 2036 – 26 years from now. This gives a golden window of opportunity to the National Park Service, the government agency responsible for operating the monument, to plan the celebration of 150 years of Lady Liberty gracing the New York skyline. For six generations the Statue of Liberty has stood not only as a symbol of liberty (quite literally, the statue of liberty is modeled after the Roman goddess of liberty), but as a physical embodiment of America, its people and all the things that make the country great. What can the Park Service do to best honor the historical tradition of this symbol of America and preserve it for generations to come?

Rededicate the Statue of Liberty with new copper plating. It might sound crazy, but what better way could there be to mark an important pivot point in American and World history? With 26 years to complete the project, it could be a milestone literally erected to inspire today’s leaders to attack the most critical issues facing our society. The announcement could read something like this:

“On October 28th, 2036, 26 years from now, the National Park Service of the United States of America will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty by rededicating this historic landmark with a new copper exterior. Having curbed climate change by becoming a world leader in new green technology, balanced the federal budget, overcame international terrorism and put a person on Mars, the re-dedication of the Statue of Liberty will enshrine these achievements and inspire Americans for the next 150 years”.


Written by Andrew

August 7th, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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  1. An alternate effect would be that photographs of New York City with the green Statue of Liberty would acquire a sort of period nostalgia quality, like pictures of the skyline with the Twin Towers still intact.
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    10 Aug 10 at 05:18

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