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MagScooter: Velocity In Your Backpack

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Walking has served humans fine for hundreds of thousands of years, but it often seems like a major bottleneck in our daily routine – or it’s just plain not fast enough to be exciting.  Airplanes, trains, motorbikes, and automobiles work fine for longer distances but there is not a bus stop at everybody’s doorstep.  Bicycles can traverse these unserved spaces, but they are too large to carry with us at all times, you often cannot bring them on public transport, and they have to be parked and locked.  Even when they are locked, delinquents and condescending fraternity members still steal your bike seat, which may or may not be as soaked as a sponge depending on the weather. This is what I was pondering yesterday as I was ten minutes late for work, quickly and awkwardly ambling from the subway to the doorstep of my employer through the narrow, crowded hu tong streets of Beijing. For Segway-busting mobility, I would prefer something I will arbitrarily name the MagScooter.  The mag scooter requires three different pieces of hardware: one is a handset unit, the other two are footwear equipment that allow you to walk like normal but can transform into large wheels, either by coming out of the bottom of the shoe or by sliding down from the sides.  When you step off the bus and see a great expanse of sidewalk or tarmac ahead of you, whip out the MagScooter unit.  The unit is the size of a 600-page hardback book and can be put inside a rucksack or messenger bag.  The handles, much like regular scooter handles, fold out of this contraption.  When gripping both handles, and in the presence of the footwear, an intentional flicking action, like one would do in order to make a bedsheet flap and wave in the air or like casting a fishing rod with both hands at the same time, something remarkable happens. The front wheel of what effectively will be a tricycle flies out the front or bottom of the hand unit and upon contact with the ground, rights itself up on its tire and makes an invisible connection with the handset unit.  At the same time, the wheels on the bearer’s footwear deploy and with this, all three items are connected to each other with some kind of non-visible force.  There is no physical pole or neck between the handset unit and the front wheel or any other component of the MagScooter.  A data and energy connection between all three components makes everything work.  The rider can lean forward against the handset and though the space and orientation will give with the front wheel, the bearer’s weight will be supported seemingly on the handset itself, which is actually receiving a force-feedback response from the front wheel.  Perhaps strong direct-force magnets are involved, or some yet undiscovered energy medium. When the rider leans forward, they tilt forward on their feet as well which is similar to leaning forward on a bicycle when pedaling up an incline.  Now that the MagScooter is deployed, the rider can use the hand unit to accelerate just like with a normal scooter.  The back wheels come with a small but very powerful motor and battery which can achieve a brisk velocity. The MagScooter makes it as easy as remembering to pack your favorite book to deliver quick and enjoyable land travel, whether from home to work or on a weekend joyride.

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October 21st, 2009 at 4:27 am

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