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Shoe Suitcase

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Just a quick post from me this week, but one influence by my recent international travel to India that is simple yet inherently practical.

I like to consider myself an efficient packer when it comes to travel, particularly international travel. Nothing puts a damper on a great international adventure than having to drag a 50 pound suitcase behind you – never mind the time and money you can safe when you don’t have to worry about checking bags.

Usually I can pack everything I need into not much more than a backpack, even for a 10+ day trip like the one I just returned to. The only way I was able to do this though, was by bringing only one pair of shoes (the one on my feet). Not only does this limit options for various social or weather related scenarios, but also presents a risk in the of the loss or irreparable damage of that one pair.

The problem is that unlike T-shirts or socks, shoes take up a lot of dead space (air on the inside) that is not easily compressed, and for that reason are not easily mixed in with regular clothing.

Now, shoe luggage does exist, but it is designed to hold more shoes than are reasonably necessary for the international wanderer and is generally a separate piece of luggage. For the international wanderer in all of us, it is time for the shoe suitcase (or backpack). Able to accommodate compressible clothing in a flexible space as well as a fixed, square compartment to store footware, the shoe backpack opens up a whole new world of travel possibilities for the wandering nomad.


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September 8th, 2010 at 5:29 pm

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