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The Umbrella Holster

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After getting caught in a mid-day downpour of truly torrential proportions today, I was pondering a challenge I have often faced this unseasonably rainy summer in New York – the lack of an umbrella when it counts the most. This rain storm, reminiscent of subcontinental monsoons, was not your typical North American rain storm. As my friend put it, “if you walked with your mouth open you could risk drowning”. But it is in these most stressful of circumstances that we often do our most original thinking, in this case giving birth to the umbrella holster.
To the modern individual of the 21st century, preferring to traverse the urban landscape unburdened by purse or satchel, this unpredictable weather and the umbrellas it necessitates presents two distinct challenges:
The first is a matter of simple preparedness. The weather may take a turn at a moment’s notice, and even a slowly developing mid-summer thunderstorm can leave one guessing the exact moment of its inevitable strike from above. To be forced to carry in-hand the umbrella that may go unused through an entire day’s trek through the city is an inconvenience too great for many, including myself. We none the less still find ourselves soaked through and through when the weather, and our luck, run out.
The second is a matter of remembrance. On the rare occasion when the umbrella is remembered upon leaving the house, it remains quite likely to be forgotten at the pub, cafe or other such local establishment once the refreshments have been consumed, the sunshine returned and the friends departed. As with its cousin the lowly sunglasses after the sun has set, the umbrella is just too vulnerable to the forgetfulness brought on by sudden uselessness to be worth the trouble of carrying it with one for an entire day.
The remedy is the umbrella holster. A leather band roughly two inches in diameter and one inch across, the umbrella holster is fixed to a sturdy clip that can easily be affixed to any belt or waistband. The holster, set at a convenient 45 degree angle, keeps an 8 to 12 inch umbrella securely and conveniently on hand for those unexpected showers.
Whether you’re setting out across town or across the country, the umbrella holster keeps your mobile, hip and dry.

Written by Andrew

July 27th, 2009 at 12:16 am

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  1. There have been some made, my personal favorite
    although slightly awkward and something i would never want to wear at a bar, it allows for hands-free umbrella usage. some of the more high and powerful actually hire someone to hold the umbrella for them. i think it would be kind of funny seeing someone walk around with their phone and umbrella clipped to their belt. one idea: carry and man purse. more room for your sun glasses after dark, your tiny umbrella in case it rains.
    you live in ny, you can totally get away with the man bag.



    28 Jul 09 at 12:28

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