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Wonton Burrito Meals, Anyone?

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Many great works of science fiction present the world of the future as one in which the great cultures have blended together to create one global mono-culture. Harrison Ford ordering lunch in Chinese in a dystopian Los Angeles ca. 2019 (Blade Runner, 1982) or more recently the casually dropped slang words in the Chinese of Earth-That-Was (Firefly) are just two more commonly known examples. Life imitates art, and the effect that science fiction has had on the emergence of science fact is well documented (e.g. Star Trek heavily influenced the designers of the first cell phones). It follows then, that we can draw one conclusion from previous examples of future culture: we will all speak Chinese. But language is just one aspect of culture. There are arts, customs and values to consider along with perhaps the most exciting and unexplored: food! What will the Chinese-Mexican-Indian-etc. take-out menu of the future look like? Sesame Beef Burrito Curry Frijoles Dumplings Orange Chicken Shwarma Italian Sausage Sushi YUM! And to drink… Coca Cola. Some things will never change.

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August 28th, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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